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Patrick Möstl

Patrick Möstl

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S O H N (UK)


Today, British producer and songwriter SOHN returns after a four-year absence with an emotive new single 'Figureskating, Neusiedlersee'. Inspired by the Tom Waits song 'Alice 'and named for lake in Austria, 'Figureskating…' is a wistful look back at past relationships and the pressure to sustain the intensity of early romance. "The metaphor of skating a love's name, etching it into the ice, really struck me – the danger of falling through increasing with each repetition. I love the imagery of that. "SOHN explains.


Kartenvorverkauf zum günstigsten Preis in allen Filialen der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse & auf (spark 7 Ermäßigung), im Zentralkartenbüro und bei Oeticket